Hire a Wedding Photobooth

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A photobooth a a must at any wedding party. If you hire a photobooth for a wedding party you will guarantee a great night of fun for all your guests and there will be no awkward lulls in the evening.

There are all sorts of set pieces during a wedding day, from the ceremony, to the drinks reception, then on to the wedding breakfast and the evening party but in between times, especially in the evening, there is the potential for a hiatus – those moments where no-one really knows what they should be doing and  it can be just a little bit awkward.

Hire a wedding photobooth however and there will be no awkward moments at all – OK, Uncle Fred might embarrass himself again but that will just add to the fun!

As soon as it’s open, everyone will be diving in, putting on a wig, a mask or a silly hat and you’ll hear the laughter all around the venue. Not only that, they’ll all have a souvenir to take home with them and you’ll gave all the photos available on our password protected web site . You can also have your own set of prints in a guest book, that everyone can sign, as a memento of your special day.